a little peace of mind.

Keeping you Compliant

The information you receive and back up on behalf of your clients may be subject to various regulations, such as Service Organization Controls. As a result, we've implemented administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, from financial reporting to information about health status or the provision of health care.

Automatic & continual backup for files, emails and everything else

As an insurance agent, you are in constant communication with your clients - from important documentation of events to emails that serve as your online "paper trail." That’s why we automatically and continually back up all your important files and even store emails from platforms like Outlook.

Backup and secure online access from wherever you are

Like most insurance agents, you probably do a lot of work away from your desk. This means you’ll need to move from your laptop to your home computer seamlessly. And, with Carbonite's Sync & Share app, you can. Simply save your files as you normally would and they'll sync on every device that has the app: your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Plus, you can easily collaborate with clients and colleagues directly from the app.

A data retention policy should your computer hit a glitch

Consider this your safety net...

  • If you accidentally remove a file from your server, it will remain on ours for 30 days, giving you the opportunity to restore it.
  • If a file is corrupt you can revert back to an older version — we save all previous versions for a full 90 days.
  • And, if you’re using a Server plan, you can customize your retention rate to keep your data as long as you need.

Easy set up, easy to use, even without an IT degree

With Carbonite, there's no hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, no tapes to deal with. Simply install the software — or let us install it for you, free — and we’ll take care of the rest. And, once you’re up and running, our intuitive, online dashboard shows you at-a-glance which computers you’re backing up and which need your attention.

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Lesron Insurance

As a broker in the four-person office of California-based Lesron Insurance Agency, Black is in charge of IT support and data storage administration. In the past, she would dutifully back up files on the company's tape drives, but began to get frustrated at the long backup times and potential for data loss.
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