Introducing Carbonite Mobile

6,849 cell phones are lost, stolen or damaged every hour in the U.S.1
Save yourself from unnecessary aggravation. Download the free Carbonite Mobile app today to back up your smartphone’s full resolution photos and videos. That way, if your device is ever lost or stolen, you can easily recover your photos and videos with Carbonite.

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Features for Android devices

  • BACKUP Carbonite will back up all your full resolution photos from your Android device automatically to the cloud. You can also manually choose to enable video backup at any time. Rest easy knowing that you can recover the photos and videos you love.
  • ACCESS Browse, view & share any of your backed up data from any Internet-connected device. And, if you are already a Carbonite Online Backup subscriber, you can even access your entire Carbonite backup, directly from your app.
  • DEVICE PROTECT With Device Protect, Android app users are provided added features to protect the privacy of their data.
    • Locate Identify the location of your device on a map if it is lost or stolen.
    • Ring Misplaced your phone? No problem. You can sound the ringer even if your phone is muted or set to vibrate.
    • Lock Lock the screen on your device using a personalized PIN.
    • Capture If you think your device is stolen, you can remotely activate the camera to capture a photo of the person using your phone.
    • Destroy If your device is ever stolen you can remotely destroy all of your personal data and reset the device to its factory conditions.


Get the app for Android

1 Asurion press release, December 27, 2011; “Lose a smartphone, and you lose a lot.” Wall Street Journal article. April 7, 2012