All in one (affordable) box.

Your clients depend on you to protect their irreplaceable business files and to ensure business continuity - no matter what happens. Now you can do both easily. Introducing: Carbonite’s all new, all-in-one Backup Appliance.

Using the appliance, your clients will benefit from redundant local and cloud backup, bare metal imaging, and database protection. And, should disaster strike, you’ll have the ability to virtualize their servers - making this the most hassle-free, business continuity solution available!

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Features of the Carbonite Appliance Line:

  • Bare Metal Backup & Restore
    Carbonite Appliances allow businesses to customize their backups to fit their needs. The robust restore options allow businesses to restore computers to an earlier state without losing data or reinstalling programs.
  • Virtual Machine Failover
    Carbonite allows you to restore your backup to a virtual machine on the appliance, allowing you to minimize downtime until you get your server back online or replaced.
  • Comprehensive Hot Backup
    "Hot backup" technology takes frequent snapshots of live databases without slowing down response time for users, including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Cloud Backup
    Once the appliance is up and running, users can select which databacked up to the appliance will be replicated to the cloud.
  • Dedicated Support Team
    Setup is as simple as 1-2-3. Simply plug in the power cord, connect the appliance to the internet and call Carbonite’s Valet installation team.

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