It's a fact: computers crash, laptops get stolen and files get accidently deleted. But with Carbonite as your backup plan – and with the "Restore" button at your disposal, you can be confident knowing you'll be back to business.

From one file

Lost or (whoops!) accidently deleted a file? No problem. Your files remain on our servers for 30 days. During this time, you can recover the lost file right from your PC through your account dashboard.

To everything

Losing your crucial business documents is paralyzing. But with our simple and easy restore process you can decrease downtime and increase productivity.

To recover lost files, log into your account from your new computer, click "Restore" and follow the step-by-step recovery process that will have your files back to you in no time.

Or even just a piece

With the versioning feature (available to Windows users), you can make changes to your files worry-free. Carbonite can save up to three months worth of previous versions of your files, so that you’re able to roll back if need be.

Added feature: Courier Recovery Service

You can’t afford any downtime – especially if you’ve lost Internet connection due to a disaster. That’s why business users have the option to have a copy of their backup shipped to their door. (Certain conditions apply – see Knowledge Base for details).

Productivity on-the-go

Access your files anytime, anywhere.

Pull up construction contracts while surveying the property. Review accounts receivable at the airport. Finish paperwork before you hit the first hole. With your files at your fingertips, you can do all this and so much more.

From any mobile device, tablet or computer, you can retrieve files in just a few clicks.

If one of us is in a jam and needs a document quickly, we know we can get it. That's made us so much more productive and efficient.
– Michael Mercurio, Falcon Construction, LLC

Meet our Business Specialists

Jerry Moeng Business Sales Representative

Hometown: Berwick, Maine

At Carbonite since: November, 2011

Memorable moment: Recovering lost data for a customer who is visually impaired and later receiving a thank-you letter in the mail.

Did you know: Though I was born an American citizen, my first language is Cambodian.

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  • 15 days of unlimited backup space for one computer
  • Automatic & continuous protection for your photos, documents & more
  • Restore & access files backed up during your trial from any location
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  • Unlimited backup space for one computer
  • Automatic & continuous protection for your photos, documents & more – including music
  • Easily access & restore all your backed up files - anytime, anywhere
  • Options to back up your external hard drive, entire operating system & more
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