Hyper-V backup

Robust protection for virtual environments

Virtualization without security can be scary. Losing a virtual host, and any servers attached to it, could leave you exposed. Make the leap with a Hyper-V safety net. Carbonite Server Backup fully supports Hyper-V virtualization with file-level recovery, plus full or incremental backups so managing your network’s bandwidth doesn’t feel like air-traffic control.

  • Restore VM disks to any local machine
  • Schedule backups flexibly and frequently
  • Shrink the window where data can be lost

What’s the point?

Recovering obsolete data does you no good. Carbonite Server Backup lets you plan a backup schedule and establish recovery points that meet the needs of your business.

  • Use full backup for a complete VM snapshot
  • Schedule full and incremental backups to align with workflow
  • Choose local or cloud backup targets
  • Less usage, less storage, more relevant recovery points

High availability, low touch

Complications lead to long recovery times. Carbonite Server Backup slashes complexity with full support for Hyper-V including file-level restore for VMs.

  • Replicate and restore VMs individually within a VM cluster
  • Restore a VM disk to any local machine
  • Recover files with a simple drag n’ drop or cut n’ paste

Reliable risk reduction

Carbonite Server Backup gives you robust protection for your entire virtual infrastructure, from individual Hyper-V VMs to multiple virtual servers. Whether you’re testing the waters or taking the leap, it’s the safest way to reap rewards when virtualizing.

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