The Carbonite Appliance offers the best value in bare metal backup, data security and fast recovery.The Appliance is designed to scale with your client's organization - as their business grows, so can their backup, allowing them to protect an unlimited number of servers.

Easy to setup

Just plug in the Appliance, connect to the Internet and follow the easy prompts. You don’t even have to restart your client's servers, so there’s no disruption to business as usual. Once it’s set up, the backup is configured automatically and files are saved to both the Appliance and to the cloud.

Easy to use

Our dashboard makes managing storage on the Appliance simple. With our intuitive interface, you can check the status of your clients' data, choose to backup data fully or in increments, schedule backup sets and monitor, manage and delete the storage as you see fit.

Bare Metal restore

Restore the entire system – including operating systems, applications, databases and files - and get your clients back up and running faster than ever with Bare Metal restore. With the Appliance, you can recover data to new or existing hardware or, even to dissimilar hardware using the adaptive restore feature.


Save your clients time and money. The Carbonite Appliance removes duplicate copies of the data – so you don't have to. Deduplication opens up storage space, reduces bandwidth requirements and lessens the time needed to back up and recover your clients' data.

The Appliance at work

Carbonite appliance backs up off site to the cloud

Carbontie appliance


Protecting your clients' data is our top priority, which is why we transfer it with SSL encryption and store it with AES-256 encryption server-side. In addition, we've addressed HIPAA regulatory compliance requirements by implementing administrative, physical and technical safeguards that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of your clients' data.

World-class customer support

U.S.-based tech experts are available daily by email or phone. If there is an issue with your client's Appliance, we offer hassle-free next business day on-site replacement.

Carbonite appliance backs up on site for faster restore

How to buy

The Carbonite Appliance is available exclusively through Carbonite Authorized Resellers.

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