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Proudly part of OpenText

Carbonite is a part of the product portfolio in the OpenText Cybersecurity family. Together, the portfolios focus on enhancing cybersecurity.


Acquired by OpenText in December 2019, Carbonite products bring cyber-resilient solutions to each of our customers, from home users to managed service providers and businesses of all sizes.

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Full-scale cyber resilience

Cyber resilience is the ability to withstand and quickly recover from cyberattacks and accidental data loss.


Security risks are escalating worldwide and cyber threats continue to evolve. In response, home users, small businesses and organizations must rely on strong, multi-layered security and data protection.


The OpenText Security Solutions product portfolio enhances cyber resilience by delivering comprehensive, award-winning security and data management solutions.


Within the portfolio, Carbonite products offer automatic data backup and recovery, along with data management and migration solutions.

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What Carbonite does

Whether your data lives on a computer or a server or in the cloud, Carbonite helps keep it safe from the common causes of data loss. It’s our aim to make sure the entire lifespan of data—from creation and use, to its planned deletion—is protected for the people and organizations who need it.


We know it’s your digital life on the line or your business at stake. And we’re here to help.