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Article · Aug 21, 2015

Four websites every IT pro should know about

Four websites every IT pro should know about

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As an IT pro, you’re going to be faced with a million different problems each week that have a million different solutions. That’s why the best IT pros always have informative websites and communities bookmarked for quick information or help on a particularly sticky problem. Here are some of the ones that IT pros recommended to us:
Great website which is essentially a link aggregator for all kinds of IT cheat sheets.

SysAdmin Subreddit
A lot of SysAdmins, especially those who are already using Reddit for fun rely on the SysAdmin Subreddit to ask and answer questions about any problems you may run into in IT. Redditors are very active and you’re likely to get an answer really quick here.
One of the oldest IT communities and a great place to get info on every IT problem. It’s still very active but ideal if you’re having trouble with older equipment. Slashdot has been around for a long time so if you’re having trouble with an older piece of hardware or software this is a great place to start.

Can’t recommend this website enough. A community built entirely for IT pros, Spiceworks has a ton of resources on every IT topic imaginable. It contains How-tos, sample scripts, and a community area where you can ask and answer any question about anything under the sun. It also has a lot of vendors there so if you’re looking to compare any kind of software just ask about it and you’ll have a lot of vendors and a lot of IT pros there to help with your recommendation.

Any other places you hang around as an IT pro? Let us know in the comments!


Ryan Harnedy

IT Community Manager

Ryan Harnedy is the IT Community Manager for Carbonite. He blogs about technology, IT trends, and best practices for SMB IT pros.

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