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Article · Feb 9, 2016

Cloud Storage is Not Backup: Find out why your data may be at risk

Cloud Storage is Not Backup: Find out why your data may be at risk

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Many people, and even businesses, use cloud storage because it’s convenient, easy to use and often free. But small businesses learn the hard way that cloud storage does not offer the same protection from accidental and costly disruptions as cloud backup.

Attend our next webinar, “Cloud Storage is Not Backup: Know the Difference and Why You May be Putting Your Data at Risk,” and learn why the most secure way to protect your business data is by using a service specifically built for backup, not storage. The live webinar is being hosted by Carbonite Product Manager Johnathan Ferrick and will take place on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 2:00 pm (EST).

In this quick interview, Ferrick talks about the upcoming webinar and explains what attendees can expect to learn:

What do you hope to accomplish during your upcoming storage vs. backup webinar?
Johnathan Ferrick:
I am hoping to help businesses understand the differences between storage and backup and the potential issues that someone could encounter if they are not using those types of solutions correctly.

Could a business that fails to recognize the difference between storage and backup be putting its data at risk?
Most definitely. There a few different ways they could be putting their data at risk. The most common problem occurs when people use a storage solution as backup. Oftentimes, the user will forget to save a critical file in the storage folder, and then later on, their machine crashes or the file becomes corrupted. In this case, the file was not protected and either the user can’t recover the file at all, or they have to pay a really expensive forensic recovery service to try and retrieve the file.

What else will people learn during the webinar?
Attendees will learn the main uses for both storage and backup. They’ll also get advice on how to make an educated decision when searching for a solution that meets their business needs.


Mark Brunelli

Senior Writer

Mark Brunelli is a Senior Writer on the Corporate Marketing team at Carbonite. He blogs about Carbonite happenings and IT industry trends.

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