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Article · Apr 21, 2016

Common Cloud Myths Busted: Manual vs. automatic backup

Common Cloud Myths Busted: Manual vs. automatic backup

Automatic cloud backup has made life easier for countless businesses and consumers. But it’s hard to leave old backup habits behind.

Today we’re taking a close look at the wholly misguided belief that businesses and consumers need to remember to back up their files manually to an External Hard Drive (EHD), compact disc, tape drive – or even – a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. That’s simply untrue and there is a much easier way to protect your data.

Myth: I need to back up data manually
Fact: Backing up manually exposes your files to the most common form of data loss: human error. True cloud backup protects your files automatically so you don’t have to.

With an automatic cloud backup solution like Carbonite™ all you need is an internet connection. You simply install the software, tell it which folders and files to back up and you’re good to go. Automatic cloud back up provides peace of mind because you’ll know that everything – from important business documents to precious family photos – will be protected and accessible no matter what happens.

Manual backups are time-consuming and, more importantly, very easy to ignore. That’s what software consultant Mark Batchelor learned – the hard way. Batchelor, a home-based consultant who writes software for the financial industry, used to be very good about manually backing up his data each day.

"But as the years went by, human nature eventually took over and my manual backups became more sporadic and less reliable," he recalled.

And then disaster struck. Batchelor had a power outage and – despite repeated attempts to recover his data – he lost everything, including financial records, family photos and scanned documents that had long since been shredded. That’s when Batchelor decided to call Carbonite and begin protecting his digital life with an automatic cloud backup solution.

"The Carbonite service was so easy and required no attention from me," he said.

Learn more about the benefits of automatic cloud backup today.


Mark Brunelli

Senior Writer

Mark Brunelli is a Senior Writer on the Corporate Marketing team at Carbonite. He blogs about Carbonite happenings and IT industry trends.

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