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Article · Mar 16, 2018

What’s new in Carbonite Availability?

Did you know that Carbonite Availability replication software mirrors any physical, virtual or cloud workload, and is hardware agnostic? Learn more.

If you’ve already invested in Carbonite Availability Powered by DoubleTake, then you know the value of keeping critical systems online all the time with push-button failover. But many Carbonite customers have discovered something else: Carbonite Availability replication software mirrors any physical, virtual or cloud workload, and is hardware agnostic. That means it can be deployed throughout modern data centers to reduce the complexities and costs associated with maintaining disparate systems and vendors.

IT shops that initially purchased Carbonite Availability for single-server protection are realizing the value of implementing it throughout the enterprise, for any applications and systems that cannot tolerate downtime. 

Availability benefits for business:

• Near-zero downtime—There are many causes of downtime, ranging from routine testing to human errors, ransomware threats to floods. They all pose a threat to businesses in the form of lost revenues and productivity, and potential damage to company reputations.

• Simplified maintenance—With high availability in place, there’s no need to worry that upgrades or new deployments will slow things down. Maintaining your IT systems is simpler when primary sites can fail over without affecting end users.

• Data consistency—Multiple recovery points using historical snapshots ensures data consistency throughout the failover and restore process.

Carbonite Availability for modern infrastructures 

As a greater number of IT shops are virtualized, and more workloads are migrated to the cloud, it’s more important than ever for IT pros to deploy solutions that are agile enough to support these mixed environments. And as data grows, it also spreads to more locations. Because Availability replicates only byte-level changes continuously in real time and can compress data before transmitting it, it’s an excellent choice for remote replication. Customers can replicate production servers in one geographic location easily to another.

Carbonite Availability highlights:

• Support for any-to-any replication–physical, virtual and cloud.
• Easy, non-disruptive testing on Windows and Linux
• Encryption in-flight

Exciting new features due next month:

• New reporting tool to view and report the status of your high-availability environment
• Support for Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and Java 8
• Expanded platform support to include Resilient File System (ReFS), Windows Server 2016
• Additional platform support of Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 16.04.03, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12.03, and the Oracle Unbreakable Kernel

Carbonite Data Protection Platform

Customers who investigate the Carbonite Data Protection Platform find flexible deployment options that allow them to choose different levels of protection for their business data—depending on when and how it’s used. An end-to-end protection platform including backup, disaster recovery, migration and high availability aligns the right technology with each system.

Interested in protecting more of your environment with Carbonite Availability?

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Ellen O'Brien

Marketing Manager, Content

Ellen O'Brien is the Content Marketing Manager at Carbonite. An accomplished former journalist and editor for the Boston Globe and TechTarget, Ellen blogs about Carbonite happenings and IT industry trends.

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