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Article · Jul 22, 2019

Spanish MSP launches DRaaS with Carbonite

Color illustration showing the buildings of small and medium-sized businesses in a secure cloud.

KIO Network Spain’s customers range from small businesses with a handful of virtual machines to large organizations with thousands of VMs. Their Tier IV Data Center Network has over 4500 TB of data under management across 4,000 virtual servers. The company is part of the broader KIO Networks organization, which manages 38 high-density data centers across Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. They have partnered with Carbonite since 2015 and currently use Carbonite Server and Carbonite Endpoint products.

“Carbonite Server is the first step we offer our customers to move to the cloud,” said Jose Manuel Almagro Garrido, Cloud Business Development, KIO Networks Spain. “And Carbonite Endpoint provides a perfect complement to our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. Endpoint backup support allows us to offer additional value to customers who are migrating their workloads to our cloud.”

KIO Networks Spain also use Carbonite to deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to their SMB customers.  

“We recently received an emergency call from one of our customers whose main site suffered a fire and all of their data was lost. Luckily, we were protecting their servers with our DRaaS service, built on Carbonite technology,” said Daniel Ramírez García, Storage SysAdmin, KIO Networks Spain. “So, within a few hours, we were able to get them back up and running.”

Carbonite products can be a good solution for partners who want to improve their end customer offerings without adding complexity to their operations, according to Garcia. “Partnering with Carbonite has improved our customer satisfaction and increased our revenues,” he said.

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