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Article · Feb 22, 2019

Top 5 tech podcasts to tune into this year

At Carbonite we love tech podcasts. Here are five to check out:

 Reply All

The Guardian said Reply All is “‘a podcast about the Internet’ that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.” The podcast covers everything Internet related, answering important questions like ‘what makes a famous dog?’ Or, ‘how do bounty hunters use the Internet?’  


So many podcasts are about our digital devices. Analog(ue) is a show about how these devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.

Back to Work

Back to Work is an award-winning talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more. Topics in their recent episodes include office musings on the FaceTime bug, ‘how restarting just fixes stuff’ and font corruption. 

TEDTalks Technology

Some of the world's leading inventors and researchers share demos, breakthroughs and visions onstage at the TED conference. Episodes of TEDTalks Technology include “The case for a decentralized Internet,” “Why we have an emotional connection to robots,” and “How technology can fight extremism and online harassment.”


Breach is a podcast sponsored by Carbonite that investigates history’s most notorious data breaches and hacks. Last season, Carbonite tackled the infamous Yahoo data breach, unraveling a complex story of Russian interference, corporate mishaps and the ubiquitous nature of data breaches. In season two, the Equifax hack is explored in detail.

Check out the Season 2 trailer and subscribe to Breach here, or on your favorite podcast app.



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