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Article · Mar 27, 2020

How to stay cyber-resilient during the coronavirus pandemic

Tips and best practices for staying secure during times of crisis

Tips and best practices for staying secure during times of crisis

Cyber-resilience tips for businesses

The best defense is prevention. To prevent, you have to plan ahead: 

  • Ensure cloud backup for servers and endpoints so employees can continue to access data if there’s an interruption to the source.
  • Make sure you’re backing up Microsoft Office 365 applications to protect collaboration tools and cloud data from common forms of data loss.
  • Beware of coronavirus-themed phishing schemes and business email compromise (BEC) that give cybercriminals access to your internal networks.
  • Remember you can access backed up data remotely in the event an employee doesn’t have access to their work computer.
  • For critical systems, ensure uninterrupted access through high availability protection using real-time replication and push-button system failover.

Cyber-resilience tips for individuals

For employees and individual users, now is the time to remain vigilant when opening emails and clicking links. Here’s a collection of tips to help you avoid pitfalls during the pandemic:

  • Watch out for urgent requests for personal or financial account information. Verify the sender, by phone if possible, before you send, confirm or update account information.
  • Inspect the URL for any links before you click on them. Make sure links are directing you to reputable sources. Better yet, type the URL directly into your browser.
  • If you do click on a malicious link or attachment and need to recover clean copies of your files, you can find step-by-step instructions from our Knowledge Base.
  • Do not click on links in social media messages, even if they are from someone you know. Your contacts’ accounts may have compromised.
  • Do not click on ads or social media posts regarding COVID-19. They may be fake and contain malicious content.

 Graphical mockup for 2 examples of fake COVID related notifications on mobile or tablet.

Our Commitment to Resilience

Coronavirus is already causing enough disruption in our daily lives and routines. The last thing anyone needs is to fall victim to a phishing scam or ransomware attack. So, use caution when browsing the internet, and remember you can use Carbonite to access or recover your files when you need to.

Rest assured, we’re practicing what we preach. All of our global employees are able to work from home securely. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to ensure continuity of access to the systems and data that fuel business.


Jamie Zajac

VP of Product Management

Jamie Zajac has over 10 years of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining high availability solutions for small and large enterprises. In her role at Carbonite, she leads a team making endpoint security and data protection simple for MSPs, SMBs, and enterprise customers. Jamie holds a B.S. in Meteorology and Computer Science from Emory-Riddle Aeronautical University and a MBA from UMass.

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