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Article · Mar 29, 2021

The Unsung Heroes of Disaster Recovery

Some heroes wear capes. Others sit behind keyboards. When disaster strikes, we all could use a hero by our side. When it comes to data disasters, these heroes have come through in the clutch. As part of our regular webinar series, we’re shining the spotlight on the unsung heroes of disaster recovery, who have helped businesses and consumers in dire times, when they thought their data was lost for good.

Data loss is real. All you have to do is talk to those who have experienced it. Some of their stories sound like they were baked up in a Hollywood studio.

Like the one about an international business traveler whose laptop was stolen in Spain, tracked down in the Cayman islands, and remotely wiped before the data could be accessed, all while the original data was restored to another device by the time the businessman landed in San Francisco for a big presentation.

Then there’s the one about the business owner whose servers were swamped in four feet of water after Hurricane Laura demolished large parts of Louisiana. What could have been a catastrophic data loss scenario wound up being much less thanks to the backup he kept on a thumb drive.

And would you believe that a disgruntled employee would delete several SharePoint sites belonging to an educational institution as a parting gift prior to being laid off? It’s true, and it could have been catastrophic if not for the timely intervention of a disaster recovery hero – and, of course, the strategic implementation of backup.

If you wat to hear the dramatic details of these stories and more about the unsung heroes of backup, sign up for the next installment of our webinar series, Heroic Backup Tales.



Steve Jurczak

Product Copywriter

Steven Jurczak is a Product Copywriter on the Corporate Marketing team at Carbonite. He blogs about backup and recovery technology, information security and IT industry trends.

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