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Article · Mar 26, 2022

New devices meets new employees: Adding new hires to your Carbonite account

Add new employees to your Carbonite account with ease. Keep your critical business files safe and accessible.

As a business owner, you’re juggling a lot of things at once. You’re managing your business, attending to customer inquiries and hiring new employees to keep your business running smoothly. The process of onboarding new employees to your company is more than just about providing training on company processes; it’s also about ensuring your employees have access to your important business files. As a Carbonite customer, you rely on Carbonite™ Safe to provide reliable and secure access to your important business files. Keep them secure even when new employees join your company by adding them to your Carbonite account.

Add more devices in a snap

Follow these easy steps to get your new employees onboarded to your Carbonite account.

Step 1: To allow a user to install Carbonite on a new computer, sign in as an administrator to your Carbonite account at

Step 2: Within the Dashboard, click the User you wish to add a computer to.

Step 3: When the user page loads, click the Add Computer Button. This will add a computer to the user and send them instructions for installation.

And just like that, your new employees can be added to your Carbonite account.

Now that you’ve added your new hires, don’t forget these general onboarding tips:

  • Prepare and assemble a workstation. Whether your new hire is working remotely or in your office, ensure they have the tools, devices and software to succeed.
  • Provide a welcome package. Provide your new employees with the necessary documents, like company policies, to help them learn more about your business.
  • Equip your new employees for success with training. Allow new hires to shadow current employees and schedule training sessions.

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking for both employees and employers. Empower your staff to keep your business-critical data secure with Carbonite.

For more information on adding new devices to your Carbonite account, please read our how-to page.



Sabrina Lavi

Sabrina Lavi is a writer for Carbonite + Webroot. Her articles are dedicated to communicating the value of Carbonite products and sharing the latest cybersecurity insights and trends.

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