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Article · Aug 29, 2022

Simplify your data protection with hybrid backup through our new appliance

Disaster Recovery may be easier (and less expensive) than you think.

Your business creates valuable amounts of data each day. The protection of this data from natural disasters or malicious activity has never been more important. Hackers are constantly attempting to steal your valuable information or extort your business for a financial payout. Safeguarding your mission-critical business data should be top of mind.

Data protection is part of a larger cyber resilience strategy to help you protect your users, networks, devices and data from ever-evolving threats that could wreak havoc on your business. Cyber resilience is the ability to maintain continuous access to your business data, even in an era of unprecedented cyber threats. One important element of a cyber resilience strategy is to safeguard your business data through backup.

Trusted server backup

Carbonite offers complete data protection for servers. Our all-in-one server backup and recovery solutions were designed for physical, virtual and legacy systems. Recognized for its scalability and ease of use, Carbonite provides various deployment options and the ability to restore current or historical data from the cloud or a local appliance.

Carbonite Server offers businesses:

  • Flexible deployment. Implement server protection in the cloud (SaaS), on-site or as a hybrid solution
  • Easy to use. Monitor and manage all server environments from a single pane of glass
  • Reliable recovery. Recover a VM from a backup within a few minutes with no size limitations

Hybrid backup for small businesses

For small businesses looking to deploy a hybrid backup approach, our E3 appliance is a HwaaS model that offers hardware, software and cloud solution that protects your critical business data for both on-site and rapid recovery from disaster scenarios. Our E3 appliance protects a wide range of platforms and applications, making it easy to manage. E3 provides a plug and play option for businesses to access remote office/back office (ROBO) without the need for dedicated teams. It also offers scalability and flexibility as your data needs grow without the need for upfront investments.

For small businesses, E3 represents a reliable hybrid approach that helps businesses protect their data.

With E3, you’ll experience:

Ease of use and management. Through its prebuilt retention functionality and user-friendly, web-based portal, monitoring your data from a remote capacity is easy. Select point-in-time recovery, giving your business the opportunity to focus on operations while Carbonite protects your data.

Straightforward and affordable. Our hybrid approach to backup through Carbonite® Server provides the initial hardware and pricing is determined based on need. This provides cost-savings for businesses so you can curb spending but maximize protection.

Accelerated backups and restores. Through its advanced features, like incremental backups, Carbonite gives businesses the flexibility to reduce the volume of data sent to help maximize productivity. This allows businesses to gain peace of mind that their data is secure and accessible when it’s needed most.

Backing up and protecting your business-critical data has never been easier. Experience a simplified approach to data protection and backup with Carbonite. Carbonite provides a complete and comprehensive solution that offers an always-on platform for reliable centralized management and customer support.

With over 20 years of experience providing data protection, join the over one million satisfied customers that trust Carbonite to safeguard their data.

Server protection and optimal recovery at your fingertips.

Discover Carbonite’s server backup solutions.


Sabrina Lavi

Sabrina Lavi is a writer for Carbonite + Webroot. Her articles are dedicated to communicating the value of Carbonite products and sharing the latest cybersecurity insights and trends.

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