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Article · Nov 23, 2022

The ultimate buying guide for file storage and backup

With so many holiday deals on home backup, it’s the perfect time to find the right backup for you and your family. Read our ultimate buying guide for home backup and you’ll know the right features to look out for when you want to protect all your holiday memories.

The holidays are for families, feasts and friends. That makes it the perfect time to take photos, snapshots and even home movies of all the festivities. But those lasting digital memories will only last if you protect them. We’ve all heard horror stories of lost digital albums that are lost forever after an accident or disaster.

But you don’t need to spend time worrying about losing your snapshots. With a strong file backup, you can rest easy knowing that your lasting memories… will actually last.

With so many holiday deals happening, it’s the perfect time to find a digital backup that’s right for you and your family. Here are the most important features to look out for when shopping for backup:

  1. Unlimited space

A lifetime of memories will not fit onto a small hard drive, so why bother with backup that only offers a limited amount of space? Most backup offerings (at least all the good ones) have unlimited space anyway. So when you’re looking for backup for all those holiday memories, make sure you choose an unlimited option.

  1. Automatic backup

Of course, backup only works if you remember to use it. Unless of course you have automatic backups. Again, this is key feature for all the good backup options. When you’re shopping for backup for your family, you should discount all the options that don’t offer automatic backups.

  1. Good reviews

This is a bit of a no-brainer, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of crummy options out there that might seem like a good fit. But the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to backup as well. After all, no one wants a second-rate gift for the holidays, so why would you settle for a bad option for your backup?

  1. Mobile access

We live much of our lives on the go, so having access to your backed up files is important. Whether you want to show off those pics of your grandkids or even access an important presentation for work, the best backups give you access no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

  1. Protection from disaster or accident

Whoops – you accidentally hit delete. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The best backups will cover you from big and small mistakes. That means you won’t lose your files, even if you lose your computer. And you won’t lose access to your photos, even if your new nephew spills some eggnog on your laptop.

With the ultimate buying guide for home backup in hand, you can go forth and take advantage of all the best deals this holiday season.

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Kyle Machado

Kyle Machado is a writer at Carbonite + Webroot. He tells the story of the people and products that help keep our digital lives secure.

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