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Article · May 5, 2022

You asked, we listened. Carbonite Mobile is here!

The new Carbonite Mobile app is now available as a companion app for Carbonite Safe® users. You can easily access all your backed up files on the go on your Apple or Android phone.

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Carbonite™ Mobile is now available for Android and iOS devices as a companion app to Carbonite Safe. You can easily access the files you’ve backed up on your desktop straight from your mobile device.

Users asked for the added flexibility of a mobile app and our developers went to work. Just search for Carbonite on your app store to download. Read on to learn the top 4 reasons why you should download Carbonite Mobile.

  1. Share photos and important documents

When you’re on the go and out in the world, you never know when you’ll need to access a backed up file. But trying to store everything on your mobile device can slow it down and makes those files and photos vulnerable.

With the Carbonite Mobile App, you can easily share what you’ve backed up on your desktop. You can access your unlimited backup to find the file you need or the photo you want to show off.

  1. Quick navigation

When it’s time to find that file you need to quickly share, you don’t have to comb through a new organizational method to retrieve it. The Carbonite Mobile App lets you access your files on the go and uses the same organization that’s on your desktop.

So when you’re looking for something with the app, you can go to the same folder it’s stored under in your desktop. You can even browse your favorites folder to quickly find your most important files and photos.

  1. Access all your backed up computers

When you’re using the Carbonite Mobile App, you can dive into each computer you’ve backed up with Carbonite Safe®. You just need to select a specific computer to view all the files, photos and folders you’ve protected with Carbonite.

You won’t have to scroll through all your work-related files when you need to find something from your personal computer. And you won’t have to search through photos of your last vacation when what you really need is that file for work. So when you’re on the go, it’s easy to access what you need.

  1. Clear previews for quick searches

Sometimes you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. With clear previews, you can browse to find that perfect photo without having to open each file. And you can easily comb through your folders to find that final version of a document.

You’ll save time when you’re just browsing. And you might even enjoy looking through previews of your old photos.

So what are you waiting for? Search Carbonite on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the Carbonite Mobile App. You’ll gain easy access to your files and photos while you’re on the go. You can share, save, browse through favorites and more with the mobile app.

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Kyle Machado

Kyle Machado is a writer at Carbonite + Webroot. He tells the story of the people and products that help keep our digital lives secure.

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