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Article · Jun 27, 2023

Save time and gain greater insight with Carbonite Information Archiving release

IT teams are busier than ever before – and maintaining complex compliance and industry regulations can be challenging. With cyberattacks dominating headlines, and data breaches leaking sensitive information, it shouldn’t be a surprise that regulatory agencies are cracking down.

Organizations today need a simple solution to help them maintain compliance and meet regulations without putting a burden on IT teams who are already stretched so thin. That’s why many partners choose our Carbonite Information Archiving solution.

Exciting new enhancements

Based on feedback from our partners, we are excited to share that our latest Carbonite Advanced Information Archiving release is now ready. In this release we have introduced enhancements that can help you save time with eDiscovery, meet changing compliance needs, and provide greater insight into your users’ accounts. With this release, you can:

  • Save time and resources by searching all groups at once. This enhancement enables compliance administrators to easily find messages quickly where users may not be listed otherwise. It also saves time in the eDiscovery process by searching all groups at the same time, instead of searching by each group individually. This ease-of-use enhancement will reduce message duplication and simplify the search criteria.
  • Gain more insight and prove compliance with reviewer activity search results. With our new reviewer activity search results, administrators can now easily generate a search of reviewer’s statistics. This displays messages status (flagged, viewed, reviewed, not reviewed, escalated, additional review, compliant and not compliant). This search enables customers in regulated industries to easily prove they adhere to compliance regulators (i.e., FINRA and SEC).

Carbonite Information Archiving

Our easy-to-use archiving solution integrates with our other offerings to help customers easily comply with changing regulations. By archiving over fifty different data sources (such as email, social media and collaboration tools) into one location, it simplifies the eDiscovery process and helps customers meet and exceed compliance needs. For customers who need to perform multiple audits and reviews, we offer an Advanced Information Archiving solution that adds Group Supervision, Proactive Glossary Scanning and a Message Classification Workflow. Our Advanced Information Archiving offering enables businesses to proactively protect the business and catch potential issues early on.

Information Archiving helps you comply with changing regulations so you can avoid costly violations, but this is only one component to being cyber resilient. At OpenText Cybersecurity, we offer best-in-class solutions to help protect against threats from happening in the first place, minimize impact by quickly detecting and responding, recovering data seamlessly to reduce the impact and adapt and comply with changing regulations.

To learn more about our solutions, please talk to your account representative or book a consultation with one of our experts.

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Lauren Beliveau

Lauren Beliveau is one of the Product Marketing Managers for the Carbonite data management portfolio. She is dedicated to delivering robust data management solutions to help businesses become more cyber resilient.

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