Ask a Carbonista: What is hybrid backup and recovery?

February 05, 2016
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At Carbonite we like to talk about the benefits of adopting a hybrid backup and recovery strategy.

Hybrid backup is a backup and disaster recovery strategy that backs up your data locally to any device you select – such as a computer hard drive or a server located in your office – and also to servers that are located offsite. For example, if you use a Carbonite Server Backup solution, you have the option to back up data locally as well as to the Carbonite cloud.

Hybrid backup is considered a best practice because it allows your business to remain 3-2-1 compliant. That means you can have three copies of your data that are located in at least two different locations. That includes the original copy, the local backup and the off-premises cloud backup. By backing up to the cloud as well as locally, you ensure your data will be accessible should your office fall victim to a flood, fire or some other disaster.

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