New infographic aims to help you fight ransomware

September 29, 2016
ransomware threats

Imagine this scenario: Your computer gets hit with ransomware, all of your digital files and photos get encrypted and cybercriminals demand that you pay a hefty sum of money to get your data back.

It may seem like you have no choice but to pay. But there is a better way out – if your files are properly backed up. With the right backup solution in place, getting your files back is simply a matter of removing the ransomware virus, deleting the encrypted files, and downloading clean versions of your files and photos from the cloud. With cloud backup, you never need to pay the ransom.

To learn more about the shocking size and scope of the ransomware epidemic, and to get practical advice on how to avoid becoming infected, take a look at this new infographic from Click on the image below to view the new infographic now:

You can also view the infographic on SlideShare. Click here to view the SlideShare presentation now!

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