ID Ransomware creator offers expert advice on how to defeat cybercriminals

March 08, 2017
ransomware threats

The unprecedented rise in ransomware attacks against businesses and consumers proves that there's no shortage of cybercriminals who want to encrypt your digital files and take your money. But here's the good news: You also have some powerful allies in the fight against ransomware.

One of those allies is Michael Gillespie, a cybersecurity researcher with the MalwareHunterTeam, and the wizard behind the curtain at ID Ransomware, a website devoted to helping victims of ransomware get their files back without paying a ransom. ID Ransomware helps victims determine what type of ransomware took over their computer, and if possible, points them to the right decryption tool.

In this episode of Carbonite's FightRansomware Podcast, Gillespie talks about the history of ID Ransomware and offers actionable advice for anyone who wants to avoid a ransomware infection. Keep up the good fight. Listen to the FightRansomware Podcast today.

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