Bloomberg Podcast: Carbonite fights to preserve net neutrality

November 30, 2017
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The Trump administration has launched an all-out attack on net neutrality—the guiding principles which ensure that all traffic on the internet is treated equally—and the time to fight back is now, according to Danielle Sheer, vice president and general counsel at Carbonite. 

“We don’t create monopolies in this country," said Sheer, who was the featured guest on a recent Bloomberg Markets podcast. "And that’s exactly what we are trying to protect against when we talk about preserving net neutrality.”

Sheer, a longtime advocate for net neutrality protections, explained why an end to net neutrality will create an unfair playing field for businesses large and small.

“The internet should be regulated like a public utility," Sheer said, "and that is exactly what the Obama administration concluded and what the Trump administration is trying to overturn."

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Bloomberg Podcast

What else can people do to save net neutrality? HBO's John Oliver has some good ideas. Watch this clip from Oliver's show "Last Week Tonight" to learn more:


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