Bank reduces risk of data loss with secondary site

July 24, 2018
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Bank reduces risk of data loss with secondary site

The financial industry knows about diversifying risks: putting eggs in different baskets by investing across a variety of assets is the founding principle of modern portfolio theory. For Manhattan-based bank, KEB Hana, risk diversification spreads beyond their financial offerings, into their data protection strategy.

The bank reduces their risk of data loss by maintaining a secondary failover site in Queens, New York. “We place a huge priority on data protection, due to the fact that there’s always the risk of ransomware and other threats,” says Nigel Courtney, System Administrator at KEB Hana bank.

Using a combination of server backup and high availability replication technology, Courtney and his team can grant KEB Hana’s employees secure access to the bank’s secondary data center whenever the need arises. “We need to be able to fail over at a moment’s notice” says Courtney.

Courtney explains more about his team’s data protection strategy in this video interview:

KEB Hana backs up 14 Dell servers in its Manhattan headquarters to a secondary server in its Queens disaster recovery center. That secondary server is also backed up to the cloud for an extra layer of security.

The bank also has a smaller subset of severs that always need to be running, including its file server and main domain controller. For those critical servers, Courtney’s team complements their backup strategy with high availability to ensure access to the bank’s most important data.

“If we ever need to use our backup site as our main site, we can fail over, so our critical data is available” says Courtney. To learn more about KEB Hana’s data protection strategy, read our case study here.