Carbonite Endpoint keeps AHL gliding along

October 12, 2018
IT professionals and data protection

Carbonite Endpoint keeps AHL gliding along

Stats, sponsorships, and a 1,000-plus game schedule--all of that data is crucial to keeping the American Hockey League (AHL) running smoothly. And it’s Sean Lavoine’s job to make sure that AHL data is protected against hardware failures, human error and cyber threats.

Lavoine, Vice President of Licensing and Corporate Sales for the league, knows his team works with data that is very hard to recreate. Licensing information, contracts, and contact information for referees and executives throughout the hockey world are all categories of data that might appear on AHL laptops.

“If we lost any of that information – particularly any sensitive financial information or any database information that has taken us a lot of time to compile, it would be a very bad day for us, because we would have to start everything from scratch again” says Lavoine. 

New features in Carbonite Endpoint a selling point

Lavoine has worked for the AHL – which is where the majority of National Hockey League (NHL) players get their start -- for nearly two decades. Six years ago, he chose Carbonite’s Safe backup solution to back up endpoint devices because it was competitively priced and easy to use. Since starting with Carbonite, the AHL has protected 2 TBs of data--and have had 5 computers die.

“Being able to recover files from computers that just won’t turn on or show the ‘blue screen of death’ has been critically important for us,” says Lavoine. “And the Carbonite support team has been very receptive to our questions—checking in with us a couple of days later to make sure everything is ok.”

In the last year, Lavoine decided to switch to Carbonite Endpoint, an enterprise endpoint protection solution that Carbonite has added to its Data Protection Platform for business. Carbonite Endpoint provides global deduplication for encrypted data, and features such as remote wipe and device tracking.

“There were a couple of features of the new endpoint software that sold us on it,” explains Lavoine. “One is the ability to lock down a laptop if it’s lost or stolen, so data cannot fall into the wrong hands. Another is that Carbonite Endpoint doesn’t have a storage cap.”

Today 15 employees in the AHL’s Massachusetts headquarters back up all their laptop data using Carbonite Endpoint. “For us, Carbonite Endpoint offers even better value for what we need: reliable endpoint data backup.”