How to restore a VM with Carbonite Server

October 19, 2018
server cloud backup

We are proud to announce the next generation of Carbonite Server, featuring purpose-built backup for virtual machines. The software’s agentless, hypervisor-level backup of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines enables flexible restores that dramatically reduce IT downtime. Users can: 

  • Restore VMs directly on backup server
  • Restore VMs to a hypervisor
  • Granular file, folder, or application element restore
  • Mount, download, or restore virtual disks

In this video, we take a look at the first of those options: Restoring a VM directly on the backup server. 

For many businesses today, data protection is more challenging than ever. IT is tasked with protecting a mix of physical and virtual servers running a wide variety of applications. Plus, IT downtime has become increasingly difficult to tolerate. The latest release of Carbonite Server is designed to address these business challenges. So, you can be confident that you can restore operations and data quickly in any scenario. 

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