Your firewall needs backup too

It takes more than a wall to defend against ransomware and other cyber threats.

Avoid common data protection blind spots

Blindspot #1

Firewalls and anti-virus are not backup

Solution: Backup can ensure clean copies of files—so ransomware doesn’t cost you.

Blindspot #2

Offsite backup

Solution: A hybrid onsite/offsite backup solution gives you more options for recovering files from a reliable backup.

Blindspot #3

Critical data left unprotected due to loss or theft

Solution: Deploy device tracking and remote data wipe options to ensure data protection.

Do you have data protection blind spots? Carbonite can help.

Featured products

Carbonite Endpoint Protection

  • Centrally managed, enterprise backup for endpoints
  • Easy to deploy to a single machine or thousands
  • Global deduplication of encrypted data keeps files secure at every step
  • Capabilities include device tracking, legal hold, remote wipe and self-restore
  • Award-winning professional support
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Carbonite Server Backup

  • Flexible deployment options allow you to choose the right level of protection for various data types
  • Protect old, new, physical and virtual systems with end-to-end encryption
  • Hardware-as-a-service model frees you from cumbersome hardware lock-in + high upfront costs
  • Centralized web dashboard for remote backup monitoring
  • Broad platform support
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Customize your data protection

Carbonite® provides a complete Data Protection Platform for business, from backup and disaster recovery to high availability, migration and endpoint protection. Find the right solution for your business.
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