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Data migration is risky

Migration projects are often associated with downtime and data loss. Many companies keep their workloads on older platforms rather than migrate to new systems, even if it means additional costs.

Migrations can be painless

With Carbonite® data and server migration tools, you can move data, applications or entire servers between clouds and physical and virtual platforms. You can easily move workloads with structured, repeatable processes.

Innovate freely, compete fiercely

Pursue new opportunities without risking disruptions to your business. Make sure your workloads are always running on the right platforms so your teams and your company can thrive.

Customers rely on Carbonite

"Compared to other migration products I’ve used, Carbonite Migrate was straightforward. I was actually shocked at how easy it was to use. Everything moved over without a problem."

Tim Doss, Sr. Systems Engineer, Outsource Solutions Group, Inc., a managed IT services provider.

Customers rely on Carbonite

"Many cloud providers have their own replication and migration tools, but the simplicity just isn’t there. But with Carbonite Migrate we can easily migrate everything to the cloud—and from one cloud to another."

Kenneth Devan, VP and Technical consultant, Computrade Technology Malaysia.

Stay agile, keep current

Carbonite automates data migration across different hardware platforms, storage types and operating systems. You can move workloads with minimal risk and near-zero downtime.

Carbonite Migrate

Easily migrate workloads to, from or between any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment. Our patented replication software makes it fast, accurate and simple.

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