High availability solutions

Keep critical systems online all the time.

High availability solutions keep critical systems online

When there's no good time for downtime

Some data is more critical than others. Carbonite Availability ensures high-value systems remain accessible to the users and applications that depend on them.

Limit downtime to seconds or minutes, not hours or days

Carbonite replication software mirrors any physical, virtual or cloud workload to a secondary target, where users are re-routed the moment there’s an interruption at the source.

Prioritize, plan and save

Not every system needs high availability protection. Carbonite helps you align protection with the urgency of data, saving you time and money.

Talk to our experts about your infrastructure and high availability requirements. We'll tailor a solution that's right for you.

Roadmap to high availability

Does your business need high availability data protection? Today's complex IT environments typically require a mix of solutions including high availability and backup for complete data protection. If your environment includes critical applications and systems that cannot tolerate any downtime without significant impact to your business operations, then Carbonite's high availability solutions can help. Our high availability technology provides an up-to-date copy of your operating environment without taxing the primary system.

Customer testimonials

"If we lost our data, I’d be out of business. ...Carbonite Availability provides me with the peace of mind of knowing that all of our data is always protected."

"Carbonite Availability has made our core banking application appear like it has never been down due to the fact that we can switch over in such a short time without any data loss."

Tailor the perfect solution

Combine Carbonite technologies to build the best data protection solution for your workloads, risk tolerance and business objectives. These solutions are complementary and flexible: When your needs change, your solution can too.

Carbonite Availability

Continuous replication of your IT systems on standby, ready for failover 24x7.

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Carbonite Migrate

Migrate workloads to, from or between any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment with minimal risk and near zero downtime.

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Carbonite Recover

Keep a secondary copy of any system in the cloud for instant failover in the event of an outage.

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Kleinfeld Bridal

Superstorm Sandy made landfall on a Monday and took this business offline. The following weekend over 50 bridal parties walked down the aisle as planned thanks to Carbonite.

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Executive guide to data protection

Data protection often seems like a clash between competing interests: the need to protect data, and the need to protect access to data. The challenge lies in deploying the right protection across the different systems and types of data.

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of IT pros say data loss is literally a life or death situation for their business.
-Spiceworks Voice of IT Survey.

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Talk to our experts about your infrastructure and high availability requirements. We'll tailor a solution that's right for you.
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