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Mohamad Ail, CEO and President

One day in 2005 Zoe Friend called her dad David sobbing uncontrollably. Her hard drive had crashed and she lost the term paper she had been working on for 6 weeks. Just a few weeks earlier, Laurie Flowers, the wife of Dave's business partner Jeff, had her laptop stolen out of her car. She ended up losing two years of baby pictures and financial records. Poof. Gone. Neither Zoe nor Laurie had backed any of it up.

David and Jeff decided it was time to get their families to back up their computers. But how? Burning a stack of CD ROMs was too time consuming. External hard drives would work, but they'd never remember to hook them up. The cloud offered the best solution because it was automatic, secure and easy to manage. But it was 2005 and online backup services were really complicated and very expensive. Why couldn't someone offer backup that was simple and affordable? Something that would just run in the background, automatically protecting changes and new files on their computer?

When they couldn’t find a solution that met their needs – and their budget - they decided to create their own. And that was the birth of Carbonite.

Although Dave and Jeff initially set out to help individuals like Laurie and Zoe, as Carbonite continued to grow, they noticed they were helping small business owners too.

They heard from customers such as Manny Marin, a small business owner in San Diego who had the rare misfortune of having an SUV drive right through his printing shop. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the same could not be said for his computers and printing equipment – all of which, were damaged beyond repair. Despite this, Manny's small business was back up and running in mere hours thanks to Carbonite.

Since Carbonite launched in 2005, we've backed up more than 500 billion files and every day we back up more than 350 million files. More importantly, we have restored more than 40 billion files that would have been lost forever.

The stories vary, but the message is often the same: "If I didn’t have Carbonite, I would be out of business." As a reminder to each employee of how important our jobs are, we have this and other customer comments posted throughout our office. And we never forget that we keep businesses in business.

I am proud to continue the work that David and Jeff started, as we build out our business continuity solutions for small businesses and provide them with powerful, yet simple and affordable solutions to protect what matters most. I invite you to try Carbonite – in your home, for your business or both. And if you become a customer, feel free to write to me at if you have any questions or want to share a story of your own.

Mohamad Ali, CEO and President