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These best practices will help you form a strategy, determine costs, and find solutions to ensure a successful data or workload migration.

Carbonite Migration picTip #1 – Factor downtime into your cost analysis
Get a grip on the cost of the problem before comparing to the cost of a solution. Consider downtime costs for each application in your ecosystem.

Tip #2 – Use the right tool for the job
Inferior public cloud services and platform-dependent tools can lead to data loss and inflexibility.

Tip #3 – Fully plan out the migration
Have a loss prevention plan for new data in case you need to return to your old platform.

Tip #4 – Chunk workloads
Organize server workloads into manageable groups (criticality, difficulty, etc.) and attack accordingly.

Tip #5 – Test extensively
Fully functional replicas are critical for consistently successful migrations.

Tip #6 – Know when to raise your hand
A service provider with migration expertise can reduce risks and help control costs.

Tip # 7 – Take the long view
Invest in tools that can also be useful for future projects.

Tip #8 – Make the most of this opportunity
Review your business continuity (BC) plans and disaster recovery (DR) strategies.

Carbonite Move Powered by DoubleTake
Quickly and easily performs Windows, Linux and SQL migrations with minimal downtime or risk of data loss.

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