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Hurricane ImageWeather experts are predicting a surge in natural disasters. Make sure you have a team of disaster recovery experts on your side.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is expecting a significant rise in tropical storms and hurricane activity in 2017. Will your business data be safe when disaster strikes?

list of stormsThere’s no way to know for certain when your business will be disrupted by a hurricane, fire, flood, power outage or some other calamity, but you can make a solid plan to protect your data.

Carbonite disaster recovery and high availability solutions can help. Every business has a unique mix of systems, with some more critical than others. Carbonite protects your entire IT environment with the right level of protection for each workload, ensuring lower costs and dependable outcomes.

High availability solutions
Carbonite solutions powered by DoubleTake technology protect mission-critical systems by continuously replicating data to a secondary target anywhere in the world. In the event of a disruption, you can fail over to the system copy without downtime, data loss or disruption to users.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions
Carbonite solutions powered by EVault technology offer flexible deployment methods that allow you to store backups in an alternate business location, the cloud or both. With support for more than 200 operating systems and applications, Carbonite solutions are ideal for businesses with mixed IT environments.

Carbonite data protection solutions give you peace of mind that your data will be safe and accessible regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. And all Carbonite products are supported by our award-winning team of disaster recovery experts.

Learn more about Carbonite data protection solutions today.

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