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The rapid rate of cloud adoption has led to a proliferation of free tools for getting data onto the cloud without having to make any additional investments. But what many users have discovered is that free tools carry hidden costs that can make migrations even more of a burden.

Not scalable
Modern IT encompasses a range of applications, operating systems, and physical and virtual servers. Data migration using free tools requires a separate migration for each platform, capturing just the data (not the entire server). A large project could take months and additional internal resources.

Not compliant
Free tools use snapshotting technology to replicate data. The interval between each snapshot represents potential data loss. Businesses with critical servers and applications, especially in regulated industries, require zero or near-zero data loss that free tools are not able to provide.

Not testable
Free tools allow you to manually test a machine once the snapshot has been created. But it’s still just a snapshot. There’s no option for testing a real-time version in the cloud. So, there’s no way of knowing if you’ve accounted for all dependencies until the actual cutover.

Too disruptive
Free tools require you to take servers offline at various points in the migration process, or perform steps at odd hours. Planning for downtime, ensuring adequate staff and coordinating schedules are often difficult.

Labor intensive
Migration is more labor-intensive with free tools. Administrators are required to perform the cutover, and a database administrator has to verify the consistency of the database. An application owner has to verify functionality, and test users need to ensure everything works the way it’s supposed to.

Too costly
IT decision makers should factor in the cost of application downtime and unproductive staff when considering the true cost of migration using free tools. When you account for the hours it takes for job setup and configuration, server downtime and validation testing, a small-scale migration project using “free” tools could easily run into big costs.

Pain-free migration with Carbonite DoubleTake Move

Carbonite DoubleTake Move

Carbonite DoubleTake Move™ is a purpose-built migration tool that protects business agility. It lets businesses perform any-to-any data migration with minimal human intervention and zero risk of data loss. Move replicates the entire server so everything can talk like it used to. At cutover, it automates turning the target machine into the production machine. Move talks to the DNS servers, updates records and automatically redirects to the new server. It’s like taking the hard drive out of one computer and putting it into another.


  • Continuously captures byte-level changes to a server's OS, applications and data
  • Replicates everything to the new server in real time
  • Continues replicating changes after the initial synchronization until cutover
  • Provides the ability to test cutover capabilities to proactively validate your virtual server migration
  • Executes the cutover to the new server manually or in fully automatic mode
  • Allows migrations during business hours or anytime that makes sense

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