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Carbonite Cloud BackupThe range of possible threats to your IT systems and data is wide and growing. Hackers, human error, hardware failure and natural disasters are among the reasons you need a powerful data protection strategy. But finding and implementing the right data protection solution when resources are limited can be a challenge. And many small and midsize businesses lack the IT staff needed to manage a backup system that requires additional onsite infrastructure.

Carbonite Cloud Backup Powered by EVault is a secure and easy-to-use cloud backup solution that doesn’t require onsite hardware. With flexible deployment options, support for physical and virtual environments, and geographic redundancy built in, Carbonite Cloud Backup provides peace of mind that all of your business data is securely backed up offsite. Carbonite Cloud Backup also supports a wide range of platforms, including legacy systems, so you don’t have to manage multiple solutions to back up your environment.

Easy to deploy, manage and monitor
Using a centralized, web-based management platform, you can easily configure and monitor backups from anywhere. Image backup with bare metal and granular restore lets you restore files, folders or entire servers simply by logging into the online portal and choosing a recovery point and a target.

End-to-end security, compliance support
Data is protected automatically at all times with AES 256-bit private key encryption and by Transport Layer Security (TLS) during transmission. Carbonite Cloud Backup also supports regulatory compliance including SOC 2, HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA.

Advanced backup capabilities
After the initial backup is complete, Carbonite Cloud Backup begins performing “forever incremental” backups. This ensures fast backups because we are only saving incremental changes to the data. Dynamic bandwidth throttling lets you limit bandwidth to maintain network speeds during peak hours and Carbonite Cloud Backup automatically splits backup jobs across multiple CPUs, freeing source-system processing power for other tasks.

How it works
Begin by logging into our web-based management portal and downloading our agent software. Install agents on each server that needs protection. Once installed, the agents automatically connect to our management portal, where you can create, customize and monitor backup jobs. To restore data, use our intuitive interface to navigate to the correct recovery point, then click.

As part of our commitment to risk management, controls such as authentication, monitoring, auditing and encryption are built into the design, implementation and day-to-day management of our operating environment. These measures are designed to avoid corruption or loss of data, prevent unknown or unauthorized access to systems and information, and above all, protect the business data customers entrust to us.

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