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The risk and downtime associated with server migration have prevented many IT organizations from making the move to cloud. Some have valid concerns about cloud lock-in. Still, without cloud, IT teams are less agile, less flexible and less able to meet the demands of their business. With so much C-suite awareness of the cloud competitive edge, IT can no longer avoid taking this step.

Carbonite DoubleTake™ Cloud Migration Center quickly and easily migrates physical, virtual and cloud workloads over any distance with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. The streamlined process automates 100 manual steps into five easy steps, automating everything from server discovery to target VM provisioning to the ultimate cutover.

Using efficient real-time, byte-level replication technology, Cloud Migration Center creates a replica of the entire server being migrated and keeps it in sync with production systems. The migrated data can be validated without disrupting business operations, and downtime is limited to the seconds or minutes required for cutover to the cloud.

No downtime, no surprises
To avoid downtime and data loss, Cloud Migration Center replicates the source system to the target, using AES-256 encryption to pass the data over the wire. Once replicated, the systems are kept in sync. Test cutovers can be done at any time without impacting production systems. In fact, end users can continue to use the source system until the cutover. The actual cutover takes just seconds or minutes.

Automated, repeatable process
The unified Cloud Migration Center console orchestrates all your migrations, regardless of source or target, from the initial discovery of your systems to provisioning target VMs, and ultimately cutting over. You can avoid a complex and error-prone migration while:

  • Ensuring data, files, and even systems settings, are replicated reliably
  • Managing bandwidth with intelligent compression and throttling options
  • Satisfying security requirements that all data sent over the wire is encrypted
  • Integrating with any external management tools with our comprehensive SDK

Move physical, virtual or cloud servers to cloud targets
Cloud Migration Center enables you to make new cloud decisions without impacting system availability. With the power to migrate workloads to the cloud and between clouds, you’re free from platform lock-in.

How it works
Initially, the details regarding the source and target environments are added to the online Cloud Migration Center portal. The solution then automates the discovery of servers that may be migrated.

Once a server is selected for migration, the tool will identify an appropriate instance size in the target cloud, and that instance can be customized before migration. An automated process then installs the necessary software, provisions the target environment and initiates real-time byte-level replication to create a replica of the source server at the target.

Carbonite DoubleTake replication maximizes bandwidth efficiency, sending the smallest possible chunks of data, incorporating multiple levels of compression and enabling bandwidth throttling. The cutover itself takes minutes or seconds. With limited disruption or data loss, your workload will then be running in the target cloud.

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