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Carbonite Hybrid BackupRansomware. Human error. Hardware failure. The list of threats to your business data goes on and on. To ensure data survives in today’s complex IT environment, businesses of all sizes need a secure and easy-to-use backup and recovery solution that provides multiple layers of data protection.

Carbonite Hybrid Backup Powered by EVault combines hardware, software and cloud backup into an integrated solution and delivers it as a service, protecting the entire data footprint of your organization both onsite and in the cloud. Onsite backup enables rapid recovery while version history stored in the cloud safeguards against disaster. With Carbonite Hybrid Backup, you can easily restore data from the cloud or appliance to any recovery point.

Hybrid backup, delivered as a service
Subscription covers hardware, software—including updates—and a full year of version history stored in the cloud. Protect your data footprint without increasing capital expenditures.

Extensive platform support
Carbonite Hybrid Backup supports more than 200 operating systems, platforms and applications, including new and legacy systems on both physical and virtual machines.

Flexible deployment models
Implement the right data protection strategy for your specific environment. Our flexible deployment models let you link branch offices and data centers to headquarters and the cloud.

End-to-end security, compliance support
Data is automatically protected at all times with AES 256-bit encryption and with Transport Layer Security (TLS) during transmission. You get exclusive access to your encrypted backups using a private encryption key. Carbonite Hybrid Backup also supports compliance with industry regulations, including SOC 2, HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA.

How it works
Log into our web-based management portal, register the appliance’s unique IP address, and download our agent software. Then install the agent software on each server that needs protection. Once installed, the agents automatically connect to the management portal, where you can manage backup jobs and set your retention policy. To restore data, use our intuitive interface to navigate to the correct recovery point and choose a target. If you need help getting started, our customer support team is available to walk you through the setup process.

As part of our commitment to risk management, controls such as authentication, monitoring, auditing and encryption are built into the design, implementation and day-to-day management of our operating environment. These measures are designed to avoid corruption or loss of data, prevent unknown or unauthorized access to systems and information, and above all, protect the business data customers entrust to us.

Carbonite Hybrid Backup appliances are provided “as a service” for organizations with up to 24 TBs of data. For organizations with more demanding data protection needs, we offer a complete line of cloudconnected appliances with up to 172 TBs of storage.

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