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Computer Backup


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Computer Backup

How to Backup a Computer

Learn how to backup files on your PC, Mac or external hard drives in this quick computer backup guide.

How to backup a PC

How to Backup a PC

Learn the best methods for backing up your Windows PC, including how to supplement Microsoft's options with additional cloud protection.

Backup for Mac

How to Backup a Mac

Apple offers its customers a range of options for backing up pictures and files on Mac desktop computers and MacBook Laptops.

File Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files

Can't find your files? Here are a few tips that might help you recover your accidentally deleted computer files and photos.

Difference between cloud backup and cloud storage

Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup

Many businesses use cloud storage because it’s convenient, easy to use and often free. But did you know that cloud storage may not offer the same protection as cloud backup?