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Carbonite Saved My Journa;

Computer Hardware Failure Can't Stop This Busy Marketing Consultant

When you’re a hard-working marketing professional like Cindy Sims of SIMSdirect, you don’t have time to think about computer backup and recovery technology.

The Case of the Missing Laptop

Carbonite Partner Saves Dental Practice from Ransomware Attack

Dr. Mark Alexander of Alexander Dental Group will never forget the morning his busy dental practice fell victim to a ransomware attack – because it couldn't have come at a worse time.

Marketing Data Backup

Real Estate Agent Saves 'Critical' Business Files with Carbonite

"All of a sudden my computer locked up and all I saw was a black screen," he said. "The computer was shot. It was gone."

Carbonite helped restore an important mailing list

Carbonite Helped Me Restore an Important Mailing List

Kathy became concerned when a mailing list file became corrupted and then seemed to disappear completely from her computer. That's when she called Carbonite.

Carbonite Case Study for REMAX Real Estate

Remax Real Estate Agent Defeats Ransomware Attack With Carbonite

“The professionals at Carbonite are just absolutely unbelievably friendly and courteous and they take their time to help customers the right way.”

Carbonite Case Study for Pavlovitz and Fackenthal

Pavlovitz & Fackenthal LLC

“I was literally in a state of panic, knowing that I had been using Carbonite but not knowing if it was working. I called the customer service department and they assured me, in no uncertain terms, that all of my documents were fine."

Carbonite Case Study for Girls Only Ministries

Girls Only Ministries Chooses Carbonite For Secure Cloud Backup

Pastor Jay found that getting started with Carbonite was a simple and intuitive process. When he had questions, Carbonite’s Customer Care team was ready to help and responded quickly.

Crypto attack thwarted with Carbonite

Fast Thinking Admin Thwarts Crypto-Attack With Carbonite

Quick thinking and fast action saved a healthcare facility from certain disaster when a Crypto virus attack threatened to wipe out hundreds of important digital files and the server on which they reside.

Carbonite helps school district protect important digital files

School District Protects Important Digital Files With Carbonite

 Prior to becoming a Carbonite user, the schools backed up data to an external hard drive located on premise.

Carbonite provides backup for Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University

Carbonite is a popular choice across the campus for its cross-platform compatibility.

Carbonite provides backup for DC Living Real Estate

DC Living Real Estate

“Making the transition from a huge paper-based system to an online backup system seemed daunting, but Carbonite helped it to go very smoothly.”

Carbonite recovers stolen files for Doba CPA

Doba CPA

Even when faced with the stress of a theft, Christiana and Derrick didn't have to worry that their files were gone forever.

Carbonite backs up data for Winn Brown Law Firm

Winn Brown Law Firm

“I never backed up my PC data anywhere near as often as I should have. Now, I don’t have to worry about it.”

Carbonite provides backup for Batchelor Consulting

Batchelor Consulting

"I always instituted a formal backup and recovery plan for my business and personal data. But as the years went by, human nature eventually took over and my backups became more sporadic and less reliable."

Carbonite backs up data for Your HR Solutions

Your HR Solutions

When Doug lost power, he knew his backup was up-to-date and contained even his most recent files. This allowed him to continue to run his business without skipping a beat.

Carbonite backs up Valley Bible Church

Valley Bible Church

“I was originally going to use my one terabyte external hard drive to transfer the files, but when I sat down to do it, Carbonite had already restored everything to its proper place!”

Carbonite backs up Falcon Construction

Falcon Construction

"We feel like we're not wasting time anymore trying to attach files to email and send them to each other, for example. We can just log in, grab what we need, and get going."

Carbonite provides automatic backup for Real Estate Foundation

Real Estate Foundation

"Before, we were just muddling through backup. Basically, we had to cross our fingers that nothing would go wrong. That's really not a great way to run your business."

Carbonite provides backup for Construction Waunakee

Construction Waunakee

"The thing I like about Carbonite is that you set it up and it just works. I've had no problems with it, and it works seamlessly with our Exchange server."

Carbonite recovers files for Bottom Line Accounting Service

The Bottom Line Accounting Service

"When my hard drive crashed, I found out that it hadn't backed up anything for months. It made me sick to my stomach to think of all that client data that could have been lost."

Carbonite backs up Celebration Real Estate

Real Estate Celebration

When McDevitt started Celebration, he wanted a complement for the hard drive backup system; a solution that would work not just for him, but also for his three employees.

Carbonite provides automatic backup for Municipality of Edgartown

Municipality of Edgartown

"With Carbonite, I can just log in and within a few minutes, I know what's happening with our backup. That keeps us on track, without having me stuck in traffic for half the day."

Carbonite backs up PropertyLogix Real Estate

PropertyLogix Real Estate

"Our customers need anytime access to information that we provide. If we were to lose the ability to give that to them because of data loss, we'd basically be losing our entire business."

Carbonite provides back up for Lesron Insurance

Lesron Insurance

"It just felt like there was always risk, I'd go to reformat someone's machine, and I braced myself for them to tell me they hadn't backed up their stuff in a while."

Carbonite partners with Huntington Services

Carbonite Partner Spotlight: Huntington Services

“The Network Engineers like using Carbonite and they have no problem recovering files for customers,” LaRocca said. “If they did, I wouldn’t be using the product.” 

Carbonite backs up Strong Tower Consulting

Strong Tower Consulting

“When I started my own business, I was backing up to a thumb drive. I backed up whenever I had a ‘what happens if my laptop blows up?!’ moment.”

Carbonite provides backup for Sleep and Wellness Associates

Sleep & Wellness Medical Associates Depends on Carbonite

“Support for HIPAA compliance was an important factor in our need for a cloud backup system. Carbonite’s end-to-end encryption layer is an essential feature for our practice.”

Carbonite backs up Rose City Urgent Care and Family Practice

Rose City Urgent Care and Family Practice

“Without a doubt, technology was the biggest challenge in the first year of operation. When I was looking for a backup solution, I needed something that was secure and cost-effective.”

Carbonite backs up B&B team

The B&B Team Supports the Inn Crowd With Help From Carbonite

“I’ve had the misfortune to have two blue screens of death as a result of hardware failure,” said Wolf, who co-owns The B&B Team. “It’s just an awful sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.”

Carbonite customer care team saves the day

US Based Customer Care Team Saves the Day

"First off, I was so happy that I was speaking to someone here in the USA. Thank you! ... The job was done quickly and I was totally relieved."

Carbonite partners with ZebraHost

Zebrahost Teams Up With Carbonite to Enhance Disaster Recovery Portfolio

ZebraHost is a global application-hosting firm that goes the extra mile when it comes to understanding each customer’s unique business and technological requirements.

Is Carbonite right for you?

Is Carbonite Personal Backup Right For You? Just Ask Our Customers

What are some of the key benefits of Carbonite Personal plans? Here’s what our customers are saying.

Carbonite Partners with Lane Hicks

Lane & Hicks Uses Carbonite to Rescue a Client From a Ransomware Attack

When you’re an IT services and solutions provider, there’s no better way to look like a hero than to save someone’s digital life. Just ask Lane & Hicks Computer Consulting.

Carbonite provides backup for marketing consultant

Successful Marketing Consultant Protects Business Files With Carbonite

“Sometimes I prepare 40-page documents with insights, advice and recommendations for my clients and this is my livelihood,” he said. “I can’t afford to lose that stuff.” 

Carbonite partners with Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters Helps Boys & Girls Club Focus on Mentoring Kids

When Computer Troubleshooters began working with The Boys & Girls Club it quickly realized that the club had a lot of older technology in need of upgrades.

Small businesses use Carbonite for backup

Small Businesses Sound Off on Why They Use Carbonite Backup Solutions

From overseeing daily operations to building marketing plans and partnerships, a small business owner has lots of things to worry about. Backup shouldn’t be one of them.

Popular romance author uses Carbonite for backup

Popular Romance Novelist Relies On Carbonite Backup

“I’ve known writers who have lost files and had to recreate, if not entire books, great portions of books,” she said. “But to try and recreate a creative process word-for-word is almost impossible.”

Home lost in Valley Fire

We Lost Our Home in the Valley Fire

Linda Diehl-Darms and her husband’s home burned to the ground along with all of their personal belongings when a massive wildfire ripped through Lake County, California in September 2015. 

Carbonite partners with Data Doctors

Carbonite Partner Spotlight: Data Doctors

Data Doctors is serious about making sure its customers’ digital photos, documents and business files are securely, reliably and automatically backed up. That’s why Data Doctors is a Carbonite Partner.

Carbonite backs up data for Frye Dental Group

Frye Dental Group Backs Up Everything Carbonite

The practice wanted a cloud backup solution that was easy to use, efficient and perhaps most importantly, it had to support Frye Dental’s efforts to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Watertown Dental Uses Carbonite

Watertown Dental Protects Patient Information With Carbonite

Dr. Dana chose Carbonite because it backs up his important patient files automatically in the background, so he's free to focus on what he does best: improving people’s smiles.

Carbonite backs up Abstract and Title Company

Abstract & Title Company Relies On Carbonite Cloud Backup

IT Manager Chris Cherry likes the peace of mind that comes from knowing his company’s business data is safely backed up off premises in the cloud.

Carbonite partners with CCI ComputerWorks

CCI ComputerWorks Scores New Business With Carbonite Partner Trial

CCi ComputerWorks serves as an IT department for its clients, who are mostly small businesses without the resources to hire in-house IT personnel.

Carbonite backs up family pictures

The Family Pictures

"I was so happy that I tweeted to Carbonite and said, ‘Thank you! You saved my family photos.’ Then I sent Carbonite a picture of my grandpa who was in the Dominican Republic National Police force."

Carbonite provides amazing customer care experience

An Amazing Customer Care Experience

"As a retired hospital executive, I know the importance of customer care and customer focus. The Carbonite Customer Care Team was very patient and very knowledgeable"

Carbonite makes it easy to transfer files to a new computer

Transferring Files to a New PC is Simple With Carbonite

In June of 2015, Hale decided that it was finally time to replace his clunky old PC with a new one. And transferring his digital files to the new PC was quick and painless.

Carbonite recovers missing powerpoint presentatin

The Missing Powerpoint Presentation

"I almost started crying right there because I had a major meeting that afternoon to present the entire deck and there was no way I was going to make it. But then it dawned on me that I had Carbonite."

Carbonite partners with Computer Geeks of North Carolina

Carbonite Partner Spotlight: Computer Geeks of North Carolina

“If I didn’t know I had a new desktop computer in here, I wouldn’t have known the difference because everything – my icons, everything – popped right back up on the desktop just like they were before.”

Carbonite helps magazine recover lost files

Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine Recovers Lost Files With Carbonite

Viamari and his staff have used Carbonite to recover accidentally-deleted files serveral times. But their most memorable experience with Carbonite involved a major hard drive crash that nearly crippled his business.