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  • Edgartown, MA
  • Carbonite User Since:

  • March 2010

I'm always looking for ways to do things smarter, better, and with increased efficiency. And in this economy, affordability is important. Carbonite is spot on for all of that. It's exactly what we need.

- Adam Darack, Municipality of Edgartown

Anyone who's had to drive across a busy tourist town can appreciate the appeal of a centralized management solution. "In the summer, in a resort community, it can be very difficult to get from one point to another quickly," says Adam Darack, IT manager for the municipality of Edgartown, Mass.

"With Carbonite, I can just log in and within a few minutes, I know what's happening with our backup. That keeps us on track, without having me stuck in traffic for half the day."

Darack manages a number of city offices and departments, from the town hall to the harbor master, so having an easy way to manage them all without extensive in-person visits is a boon to his productivity. Also, Carbonite keeps Edgartown's data secure and accessible.

“I’m always looking ways to do things smarter, better, and with increased efficiency,” says Darack. “And in this economy, affordability is important. Carbonite is spot on for all of that. It’s exactly what we need.”

From home to business

Before switching to Carbonite, Darack was using a few different backup products, but wasn't finding any of them to have the features he wanted. One had a good price, but a challenging user interface, while another made users go through numerous steps to recover a file.

Since Darack used Carbonite at home and loved it, he decided to give Carbonite's business solution a try. He says, "The home product was so strong, that I had a feeling the professional product would be great as well. Turns out, I was right."

Feature rich

There are numerous benefits to Carbonite, Darack notes. In addition to its affordability and centralized management, he appreciates the ability to install Carbonite on new computers quickly and easily.

Also, searching for files online is a breeze, and Darack can restore files with only a few steps. "We've had to locate a whole assortment of stuff, some of it really major, and Carbonite came through perfectly," he says.

Backup plan

Because Darack is a one-man IT shop, he relies on Carbonite and cloud services to be his assistant. "Basically, Carbonite is my staff," he says. "I get all of the assistance, without having to hire someone."

Since switching to Carbonite, Darack has seen a boost in his productivity, and best of all, users don't have to adjust to a cumbersome backup application. "The beauty of Carbonite for users is that they don't even realize their data is getting backed up," he says. "There's such a level of simplicity, and that makes my job easier."

Favorite Features

Knowledgeable sales reps The Carbonite rep knew Darack's geographic area, and understood the kind of challenges that come with maintaining a municipality. "It's nice to have someone who knows the community, who can connect on that level," he says.
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Affordability Because he works for a municipality, Darack is constrained by his budget. Carbonite helps him to do more for less money.
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Easy Recovery Getting a file restored is easy, and he's recovered high-level documents and databases without any problems.
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