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  • September 2012
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“I keep a mix of personal and work files on my computer, from photos of my family to the videos I edit for my church,” says Paul Luna, associate pastor at Valley Bible Church. “I never thought I needed online backup because I backed up files to an external hard drive, but boy was I wrong.”

Old Habits

Prior to using Carbonite, Luna's sole backup method was to back up his files to an external hard drive. Then, he heard about Carbonite on the radio and decided to give it a try. He successfully used Carbonite to move his files to a new computer, and appreciated the quick restore process.

“I was originally going to use my one terabyte external hard drive to transfer the files, but when I sat down to do it, Carbonite had already restored everything to its proper place!” said Luna.

Though he continued to store data on his external hard drive, he knew that Carbonite would help him recover his files quickly and easily if he ever lost them or needed to move them again.

Cloud to the Rescue

On Thanksgiving Day 2012, Luna volunteered to work at a community dinner. He was in charge of streaming videos from his laptop and setting up the sound system for the event. After the dinner, he carried the speakers out to his car, and when he returned he found that his laptop bag had been stolen, along with his laptop and external hard drive.

Luna bought a new computer and started the file recovery process. He used the search and navigation features in the Carbonite online portal to easily find and download some files he needed to work on immediately, and let Carbonite's automatic restore manager do the rest. In no time, Luna was back up and running on his new computer, with his original files intact.

Favorite Features

Easy file restore
Carbonite's simple restore process allowed Luna to easily transfer all of his important data to a new computer – twice!
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Search and navigation features
Luna found Carbonite's online portal very easy to use. When his laptop was stolen, he was able to keep working without interruption because he could find and download the files he needed to work on while his restore was running.
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The backup and restore processes didn't require any additional thought from Luna, and took place whenever his computer was connected to the Internet.
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