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  • Location:

  • Southaven, Mississippi
  • Carbonite User Since:

  • October 2011
  • Specialty:

  • Law firm specializing in contract enforcement

"Carbonite sounded easy to use and it turned out to be that way. They make good on their promises."

-Winn Davis Brown, Winn Brown Law Firm

An attorney and founder of the Southaven, Mississippi-based Winn Brown Law Firm, Brown began to think seriously about his backup strategies when he realized that he was backing up his PC only a few times each year. "Basically," he says, "I just saved files whenever I happened to think about it. That started to make me nervous."

Seeing Danger Ahead

Specializing in contract enforcement, the law firm scans documents into an electronic format, and then usually destroys the paper copies. Although some firms invest in off-site storage facilities for hard copies, Brown feels that the scan-then-shred strategy saves on costs and paper.

But with more of the firm's documents being stored on individual PCs, he began to think about what might happen if disaster, like a fire, hit the office. Considering how rarely backed up his own PC, a data catastrophe seemed almost inevitable.

Finding a Solid Solution

After researching different backup products, Brown chose Carbonite because he felt it was an affordable, easy-to-use option that would provide an automated backup service without hassle.

"Our IT people are outside folks who come in when we need them," he says. "I was hoping to be able to do the setup myself, so we wouldn’t have to call them. It worked out that way, which was great."
Enjoying Ease of Use

Instead of scrambling to back up files whenever someone thinks to do so, the Winn Brown Law Firm lets Carbonite take care of backing up data. Brown notes that he enjoys being able to think about work instead of data.

"I never backed up my PC data anywhere near as often as I should have," he says. "Now, I don't have to worry about it."

"Carbonite really seems to care about our data and keeping it safe," says Brown. "I think that's great."