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  • July 2010
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  • Human resources consulting firm

I work from home, so I’ve always backed up my desktop computer,” says Doug Duncan. “When Superstorm Sandy was on its way, I didn’t make any special preparations because I knew my data was safe in the cloud with Carbonite and we generally don’t lose power because the lines are underground.”

Duncan founded a human resources consulting company that he runs out of his South Orange, NJ home. When Superstorm Sandy made its way to the New York/New Jersey area in the Fall of 2012, he didn't even expect to lose power. Not only did he lose power for more than two weeks, requiring a diet of “Sandy Stew” (everything in the refrigerator) and using a fireplace for warmth, he was unable to use his desktop computer, which stored all of his important business data.

Running a remote office

Luckily for Doug, his wife's small office, located only a few towns away, never lost power and she opened it up to family and friends who needed a space to work or to recharge phones and laptops. “There were about six or seven small businesses running out of her little two-room office at one point,” Duncan says.

Due to space limitations and the hassle of packing up a desktop computer system and moving it back and forth, Duncan turned to Carbonite’s Anytime, Anywhere Access feature. He was able to access all of the business files on his desktop computer from a laptop.

“I created a folder on the laptop called ‘My Sandy Folder’ where I kept everything I downloaded from Carbonite,” says Duncan. “That way, I was able to keep up with my clients and even complete my billing. If I didn’t have Carbonite, I would be out of business.”


Anytime, Anywhere Access
Even when his home and home office didn't have electricity, hot water, internet or heat, he was able to use Carbonite's remote access feature to stay connected to his business.
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Automatic backup
When Doug lost power, he knew his backup was up-to-date and contained even his most recent files. This allowed him to continue to run his business without skipping a beat.
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Peace of mind
When Superstorm Sandy was approaching, he knew his data was safe with Carbonite. He had tested a restore before and knew exactly how to get files back in case something happened to his computer.
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Customer support
While he was still without power and running his business on his laptop, he wanted to make sure all his new work was backed up. Carbonite's customer support team was able to help him set up a new trial account for the laptop while he was waiting for his power to be restored, and they worked with him to ensure he wouldn't be unprotected in the wake of the disaster.
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