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Protecting Business Data


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Ransomware Infographic

Infographic: 2017 Is The Year of Ransomware

View this infographic to learn about new ransomware threats in 2017.

Baby Boomers

Infographic: BOOMER-ANG

View this infographic to learn about how baby boomers manage their business.

The Millenial Mindset

Infographic: The Millennial Mindset

View this infographic to learn about how millennials manage their businesses and their data.

The Data Economy

Infographic: The Data Economy

View this infographic to learn about how businesses value their data.


Check out to learn more about how you can protect your business from ransomware hackers.

Working from home

Working From Home: The Good, The Bad and How the Cloud Can Help

Working from home – and for yourself – sounds like a breeze, right? Not quite. Just ask the 4.2 million Americans that are home-based small business owners!

Carbonite protects digital data

Protecting Data in the Digital Age

In this report on today's data-driven business climate, we found businesses are most concerned about data protection, IT security, cloud environments, and data privacy and compliance.

Backup Office 365

Infographic: The Most Important Issues for Small Businesses This Election Season

View this infographic to learn about some of the most important issues for small businesses this election season.

Backup Office 365

Backing Up Office 365

Never put all your eggs in one backup. Learn why small-to-midsize businesses should be backing up their Office 365 data, including methods and best practices.

Carbonite Data Security

The Steps We Take To Safeguard Your Data

Carbonite takes many steps to safeguard the integrity of data and prevent unauthorized access to information maintained on behalf of customers. Annual SOC-2 and HIPAA audits are conducted to ensure the security of your data.