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Carbonite Server Backup

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Carbonite Server Backup, available in our Power and Ultimate plans, can recover anything from a single file to an entire system with the click of a button. So whether you don’t have an IT department or you are the IT department, you can rest easy knowing the data that powers your business is safe.

Carbonite Server Backup

Backup & Recovery Must-Haves


  • Protect and recover anything, from files to a full system
  • Back up data from applications while people are using them
  • Choose local and cloud backup targets with separate retention policies


  • Restore systems with minimal intervention
  • Restore from either a local or cloud backup
  • Restore to new hardware just like it was on previous hardware

Backup-Recovery-Must-HavesCarbonite Server Backup Features

Hybrid Backup
Hybrid (local & cloud) backup allows you to back up data locally, to the cloud or both. Carbonite offers granular protection of system state, databases, live applications & Hyper-V.

Hot Backup
Hot backup provides ongoing protection of data and files while they're in use. Backups occur automatically after you set policies with no disruption to normal workflow.

Image Backup & Bare Metal Restore (BMR)
Image backup protects system state, OS, applications, files and settings in one pass. Restore to new, existing or dissimilar hardware from bare metal with no OS or other software installation required.

Hyper-V Image Backup
Carbonite offers complete snapshot protection with full backup capability. Protect Hyper-V VMs at the hypervisor level, schedule full and incremental backups flexibly and frequently, and restore VM disks to any local machine.

Exchange Online Backup
Exchange backup gives admins more control in managing settings and policies, including mailbox-level backup of Exchange Online mail and calendars and cross-user data restore between local Exchange and Office 365.

Custom Backup Policies
Create custom backup policies by group, role, device, etc. and centrally manage users and backups through the Carbonite dashboard.

Scheduling & Management
Manage backup sets, bandwidth settings, retention policies, security settings and notifications, and monitor backups and storage from any connected device through the web-based portal. Perform full, incremental or differential backups for more efficient, more frequent backups and more relevant recovery points.

Security & Compliance
Carbonite Server Backup provides 128-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) by default, with a 256-bit private key encryption option. We also support FERPA, GLBA and HIPAA compliance.

Dedicated Support
Call, email or chat with our award-winning business support team 7 days a week. With our free valet install, a Carbonite business team member will install and optimize Carbonite Server Backup for your business at no extra charge.

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