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Learn how to protect and recover your data

There are so many ways you can lose your digital life. We’ve put together these How To’s to help you protect your computer’s data. Backing up your files with CarboniteTM Safe means it’s easy and quick to get your files back if you lose them for any reason.

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How to backup your computer

The method you choose to back up your computer will determine if files are kept protected from being lost.

How to backup a PC

As a Windows user, you have a couple of options to backup your important pictures and files on your PC.

How to backup a Mac

As a Mac user, you have a range of options for backing up pictures and files on your Mac desktop or MacBook laptop.

How to clone a hard drive

Cloning is the ultimate way to preserve everything you have on a device.

How to recover deleted files

You might get your data back easier if you try these few tricks.

Recover all your files or only certain ones, in just a few clicks

Backing up with Carbonite Safe is automatic. It’s always on, so you don’t have to choose which files to protect. And if needed, you can choose to recover all your files or certain ones, in just a few clicks.

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