Carbonite Server

Easy, reliable server backup and recovery for virtual, physical and legacy systems.

Carbonite Server backup and recovery for virtual, physical and legacy systems

Discover how Carbonite Server protects systems both onsite and in the cloud with flexible restore and rapid recovery.

Complete data protection for servers

Carbonite Server securely replicates data to the local backup server while securing a second copy in the cloud.  With optional integrated hardware and cloud failover for critical systems, Carbonite Server provides reliable data protection.

  • Fully integrated cloud component reduces additional costs and provides a single-vendor experience.
  • Restore current or historical data from the cloud or a local appliance.
  • Ensure protection for critical systems with optional push-button cloud failover.

How it works

  • The local backup server connects to the host and takes a backup of the selected systems.
  • The backed-up data is compressed, reducing the data footprint, minimizing the impact on the network and accelerating uploads to the cloud—since less data needs to be transferred.
  • Once seeded, the server performs incremental backups, recording only changes.
  • The backup server updates on a set schedule, while sending changes securely on a separate schedule to the cloud.

Key features

  • Secure local and cloud backup with optional integrated hardware—all from one vendor
  • Optional cloud failover with push-button failback for critical systems
  • Granular recovery (files, folders, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory, Oracle DB)
  • Forever incremental backups with flexible retention options—up to seven years
  • Expansive platform support—over 200 OS versions, applications and platforms​
  • Transmitted data is compressed and encrypted (AES 256-bit in-flight and at rest)

Customer testimonials

"With Carbonite Server, our backups are faster and restoring data is so fast that I can do it over the phone with people and have them say, ‘Oh never mind, the files just appeared.’ "

"With Carbonite Server, I can just go in and quickly find the file I need and restore it. Recovering files takes hardly any time at all."

Supported platforms

Operating systems and hypervisors

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • VMware and Hyper-V
  • Oracle
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • IBM iSeries

Application-aware agent plugins

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft SharePoint​
  • Microsoft Exchange​
  • Oracle DB

Granular Recovery

  • Files/folders​
  • Microsoft Exchange​
  • Microsoft SQL databases and tables​
  • Microsoft SharePoint​
  • Microsoft Active Directory



Carbonite Server

Carbonite Server is simple, all-in-one server protection for physical, virtual and legacy systems. Deployed on your onsite environment, it stores copies on a local target as well as in the secure Carbonite cloud. The software, cloud service and even optional onsite hardware are fully integrated and backed by the award-winning Carbonite support team.

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Carbonite Server cloud failover and failback

Learn how to keep critical data available with automatic or push-button failover. This advanced functionality helps IT organizations keep critical systems online and available with little to no interruption in service.

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