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Carbonite Safe® - Core


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Carbonite Safe Server Backup - Power


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Carbonite Safe Server Backup - Ultimate


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Windows 7+ & OS10.10 Support
Up to 25 computers, external drives and NAS
1 server + up to 25 computers
Unlimited servers + 25 computers
Automatic, encrypted cloud backup storage (1)
250 GB
500 GB
500 GB
Encrypts data at rest and in transit
128- or 256-bit
128- or 256-bit
Backup documents, photos, music & videos
Recover data instantly
Recover uninfected files within 2 weeks of a virus or malware event (2)
7/7 US-based Tech Support (3)
Create & manage policies by group, role, device or any criteria you choose (4)
Windows Server 2008+ Support
Backup System files (5)
Cloud and onsite server backup targets
Bare Metal image backup and restore



(1) Additional Storage available in 100GB increments
(2) Contact Tech Support for recovery
(3) Support hours: Mon-Fri - 9am-7:30pm EST / Sat-Sun 9am-5pm EST
(4) Does not apply to servers
(5)  PC and Mac devices only. Check Server support section for server OS support.
(6) System file examples: MS Registry and Active Directory, SQL & MySQL, Exchange including Online, SharePoint, Hyper-V