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Carbonite Safe® - Core


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Carbonite Safe Server Backup - Power


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Carbonite Safe Server Backup - Ultimate


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Windows 7+ & OS10.10 Support
Up to 25 computers, external drives and NAS
1 server + up to 25 computers
Unlimited servers + 25 computers
Automatic, encrypted cloud backup storage (1)
250 GB
500 GB
500 GB
Encrypts data at rest and in transit
128- or 256-bit
128- or 256-bit
Backup documents, photos, music & videos
Recover data instantly
Recover uninfected files within 2 weeks of a virus or malware event (2)
7/7 US-based Tech Support (3)
Create & manage policies by group, role, device or any criteria you choose (4)
Windows Server 2008+ Support
Backup System files (5)
Cloud and onsite server backup targets
Bare Metal image backup and restore

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(1) Additional Storage available in 100GB increments
(2) Contact Tech Support for recovery
(3) Support hours: Mon-Fri - 9am-7:30pm EST / Sat-Sun 9am-5pm EST
(4) Does not apply to servers
(5)  PC and Mac devices only. Check Server support section for server OS support.
(6) System file examples: MS Registry and Active Directory, SQL & MySQL, Exchange including Online, SharePoint, Hyper-V