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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Keep on running when disaster strikes.

Reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and ensure business continuity after an accident, cyber attack or natural disaster.

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What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a business strategy for guaranteeing data and system accessibility – no matter what happens.

DRaaS replicates your data in the cloud, so if the worst does happen, you can instantly restore critical systems, mitigating any downtime.

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Why Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) is expensive and complex. It requires a physical location with hardware and software and dedicated IT management.

A cloud-based model gives you the same level of protection without the cost and operational burden of managing a second site.

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Disaster Recovery as a Part of Cyber Resilience

Any business downtime is a risk to your customers, reputation, your digital infrastructure, and business model. True cyber resilience accepts that even with the best cybersecurity solutions, disasters will happen – and that rapid recovery is a must.

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When do you need Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Outages can be accidental, malicious or natural. Whatever the cause, the net results are still the same: business disruption and damage. Discover how DRaaS reduces business impact and helps with:

Data Protection

Business Continuity

Regulatory Compliance


Getting Started with Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ensure business continuity with dedicated support from Carbonite, an OpenText Company. Our experts will assess your current setup to create a tailored recovery plan and enable your team so they know what to do when disaster strikes.

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