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Article · Dec 5, 2023

Disaster Recovery as a Service Enables Complete Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience requires the proactive prevention of attacks and protective mitigation of any threats that have impacted a company’s system.

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But a cyber resilient business knows there is no way to prevent 100 percent of threats to their systems and data. Data loss, system outages, and downtime can all occur despite your best efforts at prevention. That’s why companies must be ready to respond quickly and minimize downtime.

Unfortunately, disaster recovery (DR) has become increasingly difficult as organizations' data sets grow and their storage environments become more complex with the simultaneous use of data centers, edge locations, and public or private clouds.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) helps companies fulfill the third crucial piece of cyber resilience even as DR becomes more complicated.

The elements of cyber resilience

Let’s look at the elements of cyber resilience a little more closely.

Prevent & Protect

Prevention and protection solution work together to stop threats before they reach your network and to neutralize the threat or minimize the damage of an attack should a bad actor slip through the first gates.Tools like DNS protection, email threat protection as well as regular security awareness training, can stop threats before they reach your network whilst tools like email encryption, email continuity, and endpoint protection can protect your system from malware, keep your confidential data safe and ensure business continuity.

Respond & Recover

Prevention and protection often get the most focus, but a comprehensive approach to cyber resiliency must include a business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) layer too. System outages can occur from cyber attacks, but also natural disasters, fire, or even human error. The faster you can recover your data and applications, the more resilient your business. DRaaS typically provides faster recovery points and times than other modes of backup and recovery while reducing costs and simplifying the process.

When prevention isn’t enough

The truth is, that even the most stringent prevention measures aren’t enough. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, and that first line of defense may not catch them all.

Outages from cyber attacks and other disasters are common. Seventy-six percent of respondents to Gartner’s IT Disaster Recovery Trends and Benchmarks survey reported an incident during the past two years that required DR. More than 50% reported at least two incidents.

DRaaS provides critical protection for businesses when prevention fails and the worst happens. It ensures businesses can quickly restore data and resume business operations within minutes.

A holistic approach to cyber resilience

Building a cyber resilient strategy that incorporates all elements of a successful security posture is the key to securing your data, your bottom line, and your reputation. It can also require managing several applications and contracts.

Juggling multiple vendors, products, and services can be time consuming and costly. With consolidation, you can use all the features and functionalities within a solution to cover all three layers. Should a problem arise, dealing with fewer vendors can save you time.

At OpenText Cybersecurity, we bring together best-in-class solutions from Carbonite, Webroot and more, to help your business be cyber resilient. Together our solutions can prevent and protect against threats from happening in the first place, minimize the impact by quickly detecting and responding, recover data seamlessly to help you reduce the impact, and adapt and comply with changing regulations.

We offer products to help you prevent and protect from cyber attacks, including OpenText’s Webroot Endpoint Protection,DNS Protection,Advanced Email Threat Protection,Email Encryption and more. Our solutions work together to keep out malware and protect your business’s data.

And when the worst does happen, OpenText’s Carbonite™ suite of backup and recovery offerings including Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, Endpoint Backup, Server Backup, and DRaaS  to help keep your data safe and recover it quickly so your company can get back to business.

Learn more about how DRaaS can fit into your cyber resilience strategy.

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